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Elise Kiely

Elise received a full scholarship to Ed5 International, receiving a Certificate IV in Perfoming Arts. Shortly after, Elise went on to work for Norwegian Cruise Line for the next 10 years as a principal dancer doing over 8 contracts in which most she was dance captain. Other Credits include performing the lead role in Broadway renowned Patti Wilcox’s ‘Paradis,’ ‘Blues Brothes Show’ in Monte Carlo, Barcelona, Spain Grand Prix, Principal dancer in Tiger Martina’s ‘Vegas’ The Show,’ Music Videos by Marvin Preist, the Cahoots and multiple others. More recently Elise worked at the ‘Roncalli Show’ in Germany, flying from there to Macau to star in ‘Viva La Broadway’ where she was dance captain and lead dancer.

Early 2019, Elise hung up her dancing shoes to pursue a career in dance teaching. After helping her sister and now brother in-law with their first dance, Elise found a real joy and passion in helping couples learn and perfect dance moves for their dream day.

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